Bonjour Screen Sirens! I have been designing signature Gingham pieces since I was a young girl being trained in the art of couture and corsetry design by my dear grandmother and mother. I just LOVE IT because it is so French Riviera, a place I absolutely adore & is very close to my heart!

Bonjour Sweethearts, As you must know by now, I am just crazy about the Riviera! The sun-kissed sands, sea-stripes & the Screen Sirens who have sashayed along glistening beachfront promenades. When I think of the Riviera, there are 3 beauties who truly capture my imagination. Their one-of-kind personalities, a design inspiration...


Bonjour Sweethearts, My name is Jools Bonet and I am the founder of The House of Jools. You have been ever loyal and I felt it was time to express my gratitude by sharing my story, and our journey, together!