Bonjour Sweethearts,

As you must know by now, I am just crazy about the Riviera! The sun-kissed sands, sea-stripes & the Screen Sirens who have sashayed along glistening beachfront promenades.

When I think of the Riviera, there are 3 beauties who truly capture my imagination. Their one-of-kind personalities, a design inspiration...


The name says it all. Such grace, amour.


I feel warmly that no one comes close to her uniqueness, timeless nature & sophistication. Audrey is elegance, a pure form of quality & has the rare ability to combine effortless chic with a touch of fun! Truly, all original. 


My favourite gingham-loving girlie! So sassy yet so feminine, so effortless. A sparkle in her eye...a velvet bow in her Signature hair. I just adore her zest for life!

For my lovely Riveria sweethearts, find your Screen Siren inspired treasures here 

 Much Love...


LETTERS FROM JOOLS - Merci Beaucoup!

By Jools Bonet - 21st April, 2017

Bonjour Sweethearts,

My name is Jools Bonet and I am the founder of The House of Jools. You have been ever loyal and I felt it was time to express my gratitude by sharing my story, and our journey, together!

Above all else, inspiring your individuality through originality is what I live for. Original signature pieces for everlasting femininity.

As a young girl, I was trained in the art of couture and corsetry design by my dear grandmother and mother. They were my Picasso's of inspiration and every piece I design today holds a true foundation corsetry fit, learnt through their artistry. A fit like a silky glove, is something I hold to the highest standard.

With sensitive skin myself, I always seek to use quality fabrics with the softest touch. Fabrics which hug the body for your ultimate comfort.

A life is made of moments and I endeavour to design for all your occasions. Garments with mood versatility, whether it's for the Screen Siren, Baby Doll or Parisienne Sweetheart in you. Day or evening, or for sweet dreams in Powder Room boudoir couture.

And of course, I just love Paris...

From me to you, merci beaucoup for your beautiful daily feedback. It is a constant inspiration to continue the endeavour for creating beauty in design.

There are so many exciting things to come and I can hardly wait to share!

Much Love...